Witnessing national agrarian crisis last five-six months: Loksatta Editor

The agitating farmers who began the 180 kilometer march from Nashik have reached Azad Maidan in Mumbai and they plan to surround the state assembly later today.

In an interview to CNBC-TV18, Girish Kuber, Editor of Loksatta spoke about the ramifications for the state.

Kuber said that it has a serious political repercussions. It started with overall part of national agrarian crisis which we have been witnessing last five-six months.

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On political front, he said that BJP is losing traction in rural area which was witnessed in Gujarat also.

According to him, banks and the state economy are the only losers.

「The state budget which was recently presented, it’s a huge burden on the state it’s something like Rs 4.60 lakh crore burden on the state finances and there is no way state can get out of it. It’s a major political as well economic crisis. No party knows which way to look for,」 he said.

For entire interview, watch accompanying video.