• Precautions for new house occupancy



      In the Chinese concept, buying a house and decorating is a major event in a lifetime. Wait until after the renovation of the room, even if a heart fell, steadfast. But when the new house is checked in, it will enter a trial and use stage. During that period, a series of problems may arise. It is necessary to learn how to maintain the home decoration in use. Next, follow the little editor together to learn some points for attention after the new house is checked in.

      1. Water supply

      When the water pipe is used for the first time, it may flow out of the colored water. It should turn on the faucet. After a period of time, the water will gradually clear. Do not use acid or alkaline liquid when cleaning the faucet, nor use rough rag or wire ball, otherwise it will damage the surface of the tap. It is best to close the total inlet valve if it is not checked in after the decoration, or if it needs to go out for a long time after the trip, or when the public water pipe is overhauled.

      2. Electrical appliances

      3, tile

      The ceramic tiles should be cleaned regularly to keep the pattern clear, but it is necessary to use soft cloth when cleaning, and can not use acid base liquid and hard brush to wipe, otherwise it will destroy the uranium surface of the tile.

      4. Solid wood flooring

      Walking on solid wood flooring, do not drag on the surface with sole, otherwise it will cause thinning of paint surface and shorten service life. It is not suitable to walk on the heel with iron nails. Don't beat the surface with a heavy thing. To avoid direct sunlight exposure to the floor, we should pay attention to the dry humidity of mops and clean the floor with wet mops.

      5. Wood products

      Wooden products include cabinets, portraits, bookshelves, doors and windows, etc. When you switch doors and windows, you should pay attention to the appropriate force and pay attention to the sequence of opening and closing doors and windows on the left and right sides. Attention should be paid to the protection of lacquer surface for more frequent contacts. The connections and rails must be kept lubricated and clean, and the spring hinge spacing should be adjusted to prevent slipping. Doors and windows that should not be opened for long time should be taken care of.

      6. Furniture

      When moving furniture, do not lift it on the ground. When cleaning, pay attention to the dry humidity of the rag, especially when cleaning the side edge, prevent moisture infiltration, so as not to seal the edges and degumming.

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