• Study abroad in Germany


    Study abroad in Germany

    Nowadays, various industries have more demands for computers, and German computer majors are more recommended by editors. Hong Kong universities If you want to study computer science, go to Study Abroad.com to learn about this major in Germany.

    More emphasis on formal theory

    If you are interested in mathematics, you should all have heard of this Goettingen school, and many important theories of computers have been born from this school. Many computer courses in Germany are influenced by this school.

    Take RWTH as an example. There are three compulsory courses in this course, but these three books are relatively easy to link subjects. However, no school in China will take these three courses as compulsory courses, especially in the Master stage, because what these theories force is relatively biased, and there is not much information to refer to.

    Second, pay more attention to theoretical knowledge

    Students who don't know much about computers may think that this Informatik is the programming direction. But in Germany this subject is indeed classified as a science just like mathematics. Even a course like UML would be plentiful in theory. The real theory class will only have higher requirements. Students will often be required to prove some basic theories based on a theorem, and continue to prove it in the next assignment. study in Hong Kong And in the process of certification, the courseware found by students using search engines only has a part of the information, so this specific certification process must be completed by the students themselves.

    Third, the graduation threshold is low

    Like other schools, this computer major in Germany will not be very graduated. As long as students can avoid some difficult theories or courses, they can basically graduate easily. However, there are still many students in the school who will slow down their course selection and use the time saved to learn some extra knowledge or spend it in the laboratory.

    Fourth, curriculum

    In many countries, each direction is divided into a single course in the design of the course. For example, the direction of "combined mathematics" is also a course, and "algebra" has another course. However, in Germany, many basic knowledge of directions are placed in one course, and then elective courses are given separately for these directions. For example, the content of "discrete structure" will put together related topics such as mathematics and graph theory. However, this situation will make some international students who have just arrived in Germany unable to understand because of their insufficient basic knowledge.

    V. Prospects of Computer Science

    Among the skilled immigration pathways in Germany, top universities in hong kong the computer major is also the main pathway. Many students who study this major in Germany will go to various German companies for internships or part-time jobs before they graduate. This will basically guarantee 100% employment. But even so, many in this industry are diverted from other industries. From this situation, we can see that this industry is very popular.


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